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Using Food as Medicine

September 20, 2016

Did you know that the molecules in the foods you are eat actually tell your cells how to behave?

Should the cells make inflamation?

Should the immune cells defend your body against infections? This process of identification and instruction is called Nutrigenomics, and it shows just how  deeply connected our diets are to our health.

Food is information that communicates with the body on a cellular level and tells it what to do as well or better than medicine can. Most people don’t know that prescription drugs work for only 50-60 % of people at best. Through we’re just begging to understand  why a drug works for one person and not another, it is clear that people have different biochemistry and genetics. This concept also applies to food and food sensitivities, because we are all biochemically unique and  we have different genetics, we do not all respond to the same food the same way.

Many of us also think that the food ‘s only impact on the bodies to make it either gain weight or lose it. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Food is much more than calories.

What you choose to eat has a powerful  impact on your health and how you feel each day. It can also have a big effect on the amount of inflamation in your body.

Eating a simple, raw, ripe fruits and vegetable together with nuts and seeds will bring you lots of benefits to your body and mind.





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