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Detox/Yoga Retreat in Thailand 1-10 December 2019

December 27, 2018

“The Highlights of this Retreat include but are not limited to the following: 30 days of Pre Cleanse prior to departure with an opportunity to a full pre Departure Instructional Workshop, 7-10 Days of supervised juice Fasting, a unique powerful herbal approach to cleaning up the various organs of elimination, focus and discussion on deep lymphatic cleansing using natural mechanisms, Basic and Advanced parasite cleanse techniques, Before and After Dark-field Blood Analysis, lecture on Coffee Enemas, an opportunity to experience the remarkable Amazonian Kambo Cleanse, a unique experience of the CNT Abdominal Massage by practitioners with decades of hands on experience in this technique alone, and so much more all in rural Thailand at its very best.

With much to see and do around Chiang Mai time permitting. To simplify things, we’ve selected the absolute best of the best around the so-called ‘Rose of the North’. This includes the The Chiang Mai Sunday Street Market, must-try healthy restaurants, and the best places to go bargain hunting.

The historical city of Chiang Mai is quite a diverse place, different neighbourhoods having very distinct personalities. At its heart is the beautiful Old City. Outside its almost perfectly square moat and ancient city walls is the bustling Night Bazaar, the peaceful Riverside and the modern Nimman Road.

Hosted by Malcolm Slyper, (Detox and Fasting Specialist, IAKP Kambo Practitioner)

Alona Chyrva (Yoga Teacher, Nutrition/Veganism/plant-base diet and wellness Coach)

1st  – 10th DEC 2019. Early bird discounts apply.

We are staying at a secluded Taoist Detox Retreat center situated in the foothills of Chaing-Mai Thailand, a 45 min’s drive from the airport.

The view is scenic. The air is fresh and clean and it’s rare to hear man-made sounds. Organic fruits and veggies are grown on location and the resort is surrounded by lush tropical jungle with extensive bird and animal life.

This is YOUR time and partners are welcome but NOT ENCOURAGED.

You have a choice of two types of luxury accommodation. Natural Superior room, or Natural Standard room. Either room can be shared by a couple or used singularly.

Chiang Mai Retreat Center Accomodation

Natural Standard Room: Most of these rooms have a spacious balcony or veranda. All rooms have a unique modern style of decorating.

Natural Superior Room: These townhouse rooms reflect a contemporary and luxurious look. All rooms have air conditioning and a spacious balcony for lounging.

Both types of room have a self contained bathroom.

Each room is individually owned which reflects the owner’s unique decorating taste.
All rooms are townhouse style rooms offer a feeling of home.

The accommodation has been constructed along a canal bed of the river passing through the property.
Guests with rooms near the rear of the buildings have natural views of the canal landscape and beyond.
Each room is individually owned which reflects the owner’s unique decorating taste.
All rooms are townhouse style rooms offer a feeling of home. All rooms have private bathrooms.
(Bathtub available upon request). Wifi is free.

All rooms have private bathrooms. (Bathtub available upon request). Wifi is free.

To ensure personalized attention, the number of fasters is limited to a maxium of 14.

Weather is expected to be great, the temperature can go to an average of 32°C (89°F) during the day and a pleasant 23°C (73°F) at night. Typically the days are sunny and bright but the clouds could begin to gather during the afternoon until the downpour starts in late afternoon or early evening. Thai rainstorms are usually intense but short lived.
The resort is in the foothills outside of Chang Mai, where temperatures are renown for being cooler and pleasant in summer.


  •  7 Day Juice Fast
  •  Dark Field Blood Analysis and consult.
  •  1x CNT massage
  •  1x Thai Massage
  •  Fasting Pack (Pre Cleanse Detox Herbs, PH paper roll)
  •  Accommodation 10 days, (9 nights – 30 Nov up to including night of 9th Dec 2019), room of your choice.
  •  Individual monitoring, during and post cleanse support.
  •  Group educational lectures, mini workshops and discussions
  •  DVD discussions on cleanse, nutrition and health.
  •  Health library access
  •  Free WIFI
  •  Use of facilities (e.g. pool, spa and nature trails)
  •  Linen, towels provided
  •  Evening Six Healing Sounds Meditation, Daily.
  •  Morning Internal Chi Kung Exercise, Daily
  •  Mild daily yoga with Alona
  •  A pre-cleanse talk the night before you start, daily assistance.
  •  1x IR Sauna sessions.
  •  Before After Pictures
  •  Salt-water Swimming pool, herbal steam sauna, gym,
  •  Tennis, badminton, and basketball courts, ping-pong,
  •  Home entertainment center
  •  3 meals per day after the fast ends to bring you back to normal eating.
  •  Return Transportation from Chang Mai Airport to location.
  •  Final day in nature trek.


  •  Airline tickets and Flight.
  •  Colonic Irrigation
  •  Additional massages and treatments.
  •  Energy Healings
  •  Insurance
  •  Personal expenses
  •  Tips for hotel staff
  •  DHL/USPS Postage expense of Herbal Cleanse kit if outside of USA.

Note: Reasons not to Take This Retreat?

Nearly anyone can safely Fast for 7-10 days. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Fasting is not suitable under the following these conditions:
a. If you are Under-weight, or malnourished.
b. Fasting is not suitable for pregnant or breast-feeding Ladies.
c. Diabetics.
d. If you are taking psychiatric type medications, or have any mental disorders symptoms – please contact us.
e. If any kind of medical attention or nursing is required.

If you have any doubts about your ability to Fast please send us an email .
Please view our cancellation policy below.

Payment Terms & Important Notes:

  • A $550 USD deposit or the full workshop fee is required to confirm your reservation. Paying in installments is for your convenience only. It is possible to pay the retreat cost in one full amount, if you prefer.
  • Any outstanding workshop payments must be paid AT LEAST 4 weeks prior to the program start to guarantee your booking.
  • Also, please DO NOT book flights until we have confirmed your booking. We are not liable for any flight costs that are incurred before your booking has been confirmed.
  • We cannot confirm a booking until your medical questionnaires have been reviewed and approved by our staff AND we have received a deposit.

Cancellation Terms & Advice:

  • Please note that we rely heavily on the workshop fees to fulfill our commitments to our Retreat Locations which makes the following cancellation policy necessary.
  • Upon cancellation, payments are only refundable or transferrable to an alternate retreat start date provided we have AT LEAST 8 weeks notice.
  • For cancellations made less than 8 weeks before the workshop start date, we will only be able to refund your payment or credit it to a future date if we can fill your place in the workshop. We will try our best to do so.
  • Any refunds given will incur a USD 100 – administration fee.
  • We cannot refund any part of your payment after you have started your program.
  • We recommend that you take out adequate travel insurance for any cancellations due to unforeseen circumstances. Squaremouth is an insurance service we can suggest that


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